App Description

World Cup Soccer Dance Entertainment

Super game, where you can make your favorite character follow de steps.



“WorldCup Soccer Dance” is a game for soccer fans where after you select your favorite player you have to tap on the indicated spots to see him master the ball with feet, shoulder and head tricks. Even if the gameplay is very simple, as you tap on the indicated spots when the ball crosses that, you’ll play a very challenging game. It all happens at a fast pace and if you don’t have excellent reaction times you won’t even pass the first level. Here’s what makes “WorldCup Soccer Dance” a challenging game: - Popular songs are included in the game so that you really get into the World Cup mood - Addictive gameplay due to its fast paced rhythm, as you have to tap correctly very fast to master a trick - Unlock new football tricks with every character you choose as you play the game more - Great animations and tricks done by characters that look like some very well known football players - Unlock new characters and levels by logging in via Facebook - You can play with one of the captains of Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, England and more to follow - Multiple levels with star-based rating and hat-trick combos (the more tricks you do right, the higher your score as indicated by the score-o-meter) “WorldCup Soccer Dance” is available for free on Google Play ( ) and I’d be honored if you would install it and let me know what you think about it. If you like "WorldCup Soccer Dance" and want to write a review or publish it on your site feel free to do so, you can email me if you need anything else. Thank you!