App Description

Healthy Tips Health & Fitnes

Diamond Healthy Tips is an Android Application that helps you to improve your life and being fit and healthy. It has database with 1000 healthy useful tips. You can free to browse all of them and you can receive a tip daily at a time that you can specify. Also you can share any tip by different ways (on social sites like: Facebook or Twitter and you can sending tip to your friends by whatsApp,email and SMS also you can copy the tip to clipboard).



Features : - Using Sliding layer like wunderlist and Play Store Apps. “Using Android Sliding Layer Library” - Sharing on Facebook Status and Twits on Twitter. - Sending by WhatsApp, Email and SMS. - Controlling different settings. “Using Preference Fragment master Library” - Searching tips. - Adding your own tips. - Edit or Delete the added Tips. - Mark Tips as Favorites. - Control the order of the displayed Tips. - Tip of the day at time you set. And gives you a notification in Notification Bar. - Supports Multi-Devices. - Contains AdMobs