• Content_Provider_Basic

    Content Provider Basic  Content Provider Basic

    ContentProvider used to get data from central repository. Android application contains content provider to provide data to other applications. you can also create your custom content provider to get data from database / sdcard / media etc.

    Content providers create an abstraction layer between its repository of data and external application that are using data.

    External Application can call Content Provider methods with the use of ContentResolver.
    ContentResolver work as ContentProvider client object, with the use of Content Resolver object we can get data from Content Provider.
    ContentProvider and ContentResolver (provider clients) used together to create a interface for data to handles inter-process communication and access data in secure way.


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  • Global_Variable_Or_Application_Context_Variable_-_Android_Example

    Global Variable Or Application Context Variable - Android Example  Global Variable Or Application Context Variable - Android Example

    In this example defining variable in application context and you can use this variable as a Global variable. You can set value in this variable and get value on any activity / broadcast reci\\eiver / service in application context(environment).
    In Further examples you will see good use of this way to follow SINGALTON pattern and MVC pattern in android.

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  • Splash_screen_-_Android_Example

    Splash screen - Android Example  Splash screen - Android Example

    Splash screen is an activity that will show for set time when your app is starting and after set time period redirect to application main scre


    Example :

    Lets splash screen show set time is 15 sec then in mean time when splash screen showing you can do these tasks...

       1. You can download resources(images) from webserver to your phone.
       2. You can make server call and get data from server.
       3. Get data from network and save in database.

       4. Show something about your app/company/brand on Splash screen.



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