• Incomming_Outgoing_Call_Log_With_Call_Duration_-_Android_Project

    Incomming Outgoing Call Log With Call Duration - Android Project  Incomming Outgoing Call Log With Call Duration - Android Project

    In This project creating a incomming outgoing call log with call duration.


    WorkFlow :

    Created three broadcast reciever.
       a. Broadcast Reciever for Incomming call (IncomingCall.java).
       b. Broadcast Reciever for Outgoing call (OutgoingCall.java).
       c. Broadcast Reciever for Call duration (CallDurationReceiver.java).

    Created controller file Controller.java

    Created a list to show what type of call log want to show. created three files
       a. CallList.java to show call list options.
       b. CallListData.java to create each row data in list.
       c. CallListValues.java Model to store each row data for list.

    DBAdapter.java to store call data in sqlite database.

    CallDetailServer.java to store sqlite data to server and show call data to activity.


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