Use of old android phone

Know how! your old android phone, which is lying at home can still come in use.

Know how! your old android phone, which is lying at home can still come in use.Usually people don’t want to leave their old smart phone. Either it is so old also. Apart from that some of them sells their old phones , but some of them love their old phone this much that they always want to keep their phone just near to them. Whatever reason it is, but the trust is that your old phone is just lying at home and its becoming worst day by day and now you will not get a good resale amount also , at this time you can use your old android phone with new ways. we going to tell you that .

Make your old phone as digital photo frame :

Is you want you can make your old phone as a digital photo frame and use it , the apps like photo slide and digital photo slide show will help you in this work, if you have WIFI at your homr you can connect your old phone with T.V and other devices and see it.

Use it as MP3 player :

If you want you can use your old phone as music player , for this you can use it as MP3 player. Through bluetooth you have to connect your phone with music player and then you can fully enjoy it in full volume. And if you want to use it personally then connect it with headphone and use it as personal MP3 player.

WIFI Hotspot :

Today’s time is 4G . At this time if you want to have internet at home and for that is you are thinking to take WIFI router or cable service then it better to use your old phone in-place of all that. You can use your old android device as a WIFI hotspot through you can have profit of connecting five devices at a time and wirelessly.

Make your phone home media controller device :

If you want you can use your old android phone as a home media controller, you don’t need to purchase an expensive media controller and even your old phone can do that, through smart phone you can control A.C. ,MUSIC PLAYER and if there is IRR BLASTER in your phone then without any app it will control your A.C. ,MUSIC PLAYER and T.V.

Make your phone as a security camera :

Now a days security cameras are placed every where for security reasons, if you also want place a security camera at your home just use your old android phone, recorded vedio from phone can be controlled by P.C. , or to see the recorded vedio you will get a server link through mms, to use phone as a security camera you can use apps like SAFE EYE HOME ALARM OR HOME SECURITY SPY CAMERA.

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