App Description

Time Quiz Countries Games

Who never dream to travel around the globe, discover all the countries ? My new App, a Quiz call Time Quiz Countries, will give you a taste of that. By following more than 450 wonderfull photos displayed on your screen, you will be asked to found which one is corresponding to name of a country.



Clear and fun, refresh your mind by playing with Time Quiz Countries is very easy, it only takes few minutes. In less than 10 seconds, you have to choose the good answer. 4 photos displayed on your mobile screen, you will have to choose the one corresponding to the requested country. Some hints in the pictures can help you : a natinal flag hide in the background, a typical car for this country (as vespa in italy or 2CV in france), a famous sport in there (as football stadium in brazilia), or climate. Even you need to be fast, let your intuition and feeling take the direction of your knowledge, and you will be surprise by the result. Main features: More than 10 themes, 5 trophies, 400 selected photos, Worl Ranking with Google Play Games. See you in there !