App Description

The Weave of Heroes Games

Weave is a humorous rock-paper-scissors inspired RPG with strategic combat and neat graphic novel style graphics dubbed. This pocket sized role playing game features complex counterattack mechanics nested within a purposefully bite sized mission structure tailor made for questing on the go. In this tongue-in-cheek adventure it’s up to players to rescue their sister from an army of goofy monsters while learning new skills and confronting a mysterious foe in the process.



Your little sister has been kidnapped by villainous Carnagos working for a mysterious leader. As you search for her, a wise old man teaches you the secret of the Weave. Confront malevolent monsters, unlock combat techniques and master the Weave!

The Weave of Heroes is an RPG that mixes strategy with risk-taking. Achieve quests, choose your combat techniques, and use them at the right moment to thwart your adversary. Experiment and find your own playing style.

Play in Legend mode to compete with other players. Find the best technique combinations and engrave your name on top of the Board of Legends.

With the Weave, rock-paper-scissors isn’t about Chance anymore!

-An innovative combat system, simple to master but strategic
-An RPG: gain levels, unlock new techniques, and become stronger
-Unique monsters and a mysterious boss
-An amusing story full of colorful characters
-A competition mode to become a Legend
-A vibrant universe inspired by graphic novels
-More than 50 achievements to unlock