Some tips to findout your forgotten or lost android phone

Some tips to findout your forgotten or lost android phonePhone has become the most important daily need of our life that if for a short time it will be away from our eyes it became problematic . sometime we lost it and sometime we left it somewhere and forget to pick it up . suddenly to call someone or to search any-thing on internet and if we don’t get phone at that time it became irritating . The best thing is that google made a feature, through which you can find your phone very easly. This whole process is a part of google device manager. Directly going to google device manager you can do this. At there you get the phone lock & contact deleting option.


1. First open google’s home page . here sign in with that google account id. whatever you have registerd on your android smart-phone.

2. Then type at search bar of google home page and search for “where is my phone “ as you will search that a map will be open infront of you.

3. In short time you will see the location of your phone on that map. google will trace the location of your smart-phone and tells you.

4. If you come from somewhere and you forget the you left your phne there or somewhere else . at this time this feature is very use-full . you will see the loction of phone where the phone is at that time. because of this you can search it at the right place . when you get the location , go there and take the next step .

5. If you left your phone at home and you forget that where you kept it or it is been left near by then you can ring that in full volume then also if the phone was in silent mode then also this feature will work , but battery should be there, to ring the phone the option will be at down side of the map.

6. For offline users google’s “where is my phone “ will not work. but for iphone ther is a feature like that, and you can search your iphone through icloud.

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