When your phone is locked, it need a passcode to open. But we can get through it by typing any long random password that impose heavy strain on computer and take you to the home screen of the phone.

This is a time- eating hack but it's actually easy to carry out. The smartphones using Lollipop, latest version of Android Operating System are only get affected by this. According to a report, John Gordon who is a computer security researcher, posted a video which detailed the weaknesess of the hack.

While the phone is locked, open the EMERGENCY CALL feature on phone. Just type few characters and then copy-and-paste the text repeatedly and when you do so the sequence of the characters grows and becomes close to 40,960 characters

After that you have to open the camera app of the phone and activate the phone to request a password. And till the system clashes keep pasting the sequence of long character. Few minutes later, phone automatically goes to unlocked home screen.

The company revealed an aid for the the fault in the phone when Gordon warned Google about the Weakness in august.

Many Nexus models - the phones which are own by Google, are the aid already available in their phones. Because of default in updating system of Android, phone manufacturers and cellphone network carriers have decresed the manufacturing of Android devices made by Samsung, LG and others.

When someone hack your phone the fault allow to view SMS messages, contact data, phone logs, and other normally safe data , which has been accepted by Google.


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