Prevent android phone hang or slow while swapping

Whenever android phones became slow or hangs while swiping , use this method .

In this world android operating system is used more than any other operating system . because of its popularity it is necessary to find out the solutions of its problem. We have the solution if your phone hangs while swiping.

It is problematic while swiping the phone .

Usually the android users are seen in facing a problem. That their phone’s screen became slow or it hangs while swiping . At this time just disable your phone’s animation . because of this it will swipe smoothly

Disable your phone’s animation like this :-

1. To on the disable animation option fist go to developers option.

2. To on the developers option first go to setting an select the about phone.

3. Now touch the build number 7 times at there , because of doing this the developers option will be on.

4. Then come again to setting and go developers option and see the drawing.

5. At there you will the option of disable animation.

6. Disable that , after doing this there will be no more problem of becoming slow or hanging of your phone while swiping.

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