Police have difficulties in cracking IPHONE than other Android phone

1. The easier time breaking of average Android smartphone. Turns the FBI to have the privacy battle with apple over a terrorist’s phone

2. .The one investigator who helps the police to crack smartphone , mobile software developers , cyber-security professionals , even android and apple security manulas have same thoughts about that.

3. San Bernardino shooter Sayed Farook’s locked IPHONE 5C. is not been cracked yet Because Apple smart phones are encrypted by default and this is hurdle which makes FBI to take time to crack his phone.

4. Not every phone in the market is having the feature of encryption it is only available in some android smart phones.

5. If the phone is secured with lock , then also police can extract the data but it can’t be done in case of encryption.

6. The encryption was introduced in 2011 on android by google , but it was so inside the settings that every one was not known about that feature . But in 2014 in some of the smart android phones the google gave encryption feature as a default.

7. That extra gifted security is not choosed by every one . Even though when the smart android phone is activated first time only 35% of smart android phone have activation of this feature but encryption is available in 97% of smart android phones as an option.

8. Android marshmallow is the latest running version of android but it is only available in 1.2% of android phones and in all the high performing devices like galaxy S7 – encryption is required said by google spokesman.

9. Google use to reset the passcode of iphone’s older modle and it was easier to crack them in past . It all was noticed by the New York city’s top prosecuter Cyrus vance.

10. The iphone’s security became lesser then android phone by using some method the android phones can be highly secured

11. Only the unlocked android phones can create the back up in cloud .

12. Entering the passcode by the phone owner can only start the google operating system . As you press the power button it stats up, is not true in case of iphone .

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