One of the The good Android phone- Moto X Pure Edition

A great smartphone should have features like
It should be thin, beautiful, fast, has a battery that will get you through the day.
It should have an awesome 5.7-inch display, a great camera, a super-fast turbo-charging battery, and so.... on.

Usually every smartphone has all of those features, but Moto X Pure Edition has three features which makes it special and worthy of the "best ever" recognition.


1. Built According to Individuals Specifications

If we count on personal items then smartphones are one of them as we all know they are with us most of the time and Motorola which is a Smartphone Maker Company, knows well how important it is to accomodate their phones to its customers.
Well Motorola comes in variety of colours to choose from like it's two previous models - The Pure Edition, Moto X phones.
In few simple tricks you can make your phone your own as in Moto X pure Edition it can work according to the settings when and where you are like when you are home it can announce whosoever is calling, when you are at work it can automatically go to vibrate mode, while driving it can loudly read texts, and when you are asleep it silence itself.
Motorola provide you an increasingly rare SD card slot which helps customers to store data to their devices.

2. Works on any carrier

Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon's networks are four nationwide cell phone companies which allow you to buy a subsidized Moto X directly from your carrier because , The Moto X Pure Edition will only be offered unlocked and without a contract.
Well this will give you more freedom than ever expected and the deals keeps on changing to which you can switch with no commitment or promises.
As Motorola wont be subject to carrier approvals the software updates will come in more quickly

3. Warning: It's not safe

As we all know that no phone is perfect , so Moto X has some flaws. Though the phone's battery is big enough but it feels like it should have been even bigger.

As it is slightly thicker than the Galaxy Note 5, yet they have the same-sized battery.
But, still you can't beat Moto X because of its stunning price, freedom and personalization.
The Moto X Pure edition will be available on Motorola, Amazon and BestBuy's website and they will begin shipping in the next few weeks.


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