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Mesh it up! File Transfer Entertainment

The ultimate, quick file transfer application that will simplify your life. No use of your data plan, faster than Bluetooth, no cables, and you don't need cell phone service! No extra costs as Mesh It Up doesn’t need data usage. Transfer between all platforms at lightning speed with the best file transfer tool.



If you are looking for fast file transfer to send and transfer photos, easy music transfer, or simply any other file, then try Mesh It Up. File transfer works cross-platform too, so send direct files without internet to ANY other device; be it your PC or Laptop or Tablet! File Transfer for other platforms means you can share from your Android phone to an iPhone or a Windows phone too. You can now send direct files without internet and save data! The simple, quick solution to exchange files between multiple devices seamlessly, within seconds, without service - all for FREE! Features & Advantages * You can share files between two Android devices at lightning speed, on the go. * Share from your Android device with the easiest file transfer app, with your PC, tablets, desktops, phones and laptops. * Send all types of files, music, movie, video, pictures, contacts, and apps of any size. * Share files without internet through Wi-Fi hotspots. * Connect and share files to unlimited number of devices at the same time. * Create multiple-platform networks to experience secure file transfer and sharing without any loss of data. * You do not require USB cable to send files, Mesh it up does it directly through your local network. * Extremely easy to use for large file transfer. * You can sign-in and create a user profile to keep a history of your transfers. How It Works Android to Android: Quick file transfer to Android devices for all your photos, videos, contacts with no internet. Sending * Open Mesh it up and login (optional) * Create a network and select files that you wish to share * Mesh will search for devices automatically * Select the desired device and click on ‘Start Transfer’ Receiving * Open Mesh it up and click on ‘Join Network’ * Accept the file from the sender * Long press the file name to view it or quick press to send it to another device. Android to PC, laptops and tablets: Mesh It Up is your ultimate file share companion for easy file transfer to other platforms. Sending * Open Mesh it up and click on ‘Create Network’ * Select the file that you wish to send * Click on Create Link’ Receiving * Connect your Android device with PC, laptops or tablets via WiFi hotspots * When your phone is connected with the required device, paste the given link in the browser * You can now view and save the file on the device The effortless solution for free file transfer is at your finger tips. Wireless photos and video transfer is simplified, and there is no need to upload your files to the internet. Download the app NOW and share a file instantly via MeshItUp!