App Description

Learn Vegetables For Kids and Toddlers Education

'Learning Vegetables For Kids And Toddlers' is a free educational application with interactive and colourful way of learning vegetable names. It also helps them build their vocabulary and learn spellings. It is also a great tool to sharpen their memory and grasping ability. It has ‘fun and learn’ elements which take kids and toddlers away from the routine book exercise and keeps them engrossed to learn more. With its quiz feature, it also encourages children to better their performance every time. This app is designed for kids and toddlers ageing 1-6 years.



KEY FEATURES - • With Learn Vegetables application kids and toddlers can Learn and know around 26 kinds of vegetables with their names in English pronunciations • Vegetables For Kids And Toddlers app uses real vegetable photos for Learning • Learn Vegetables - QUIZ questions are generated randomly, no static or pre-defined sequence of questions. • Every time you play it, you need to look and select carefully before making choice as the correct answer is randomly placed, as options for answers are randomly generated. • The images can be tapped infinite number of times to get the pronunciations clearly • With Learn Vegetables application kids and toddlers can also challenge themselves through the spell-check option to strengthen their spellings. Only correct spellings are accepted by the app • With Learn Vegetables application kids and toddlers can also take a quiz to revise lessons and know their performance after every question in the quiz in the form of rating stars, which motivates them to do better at every step • Learning Vegetables For Kids And Toddlers app also has an option to adjust the difficulty level to make the quiz more challenging and exciting for kids • This free vegetable learning application is an easy-to-use tool and needs minimum interference of parents • Supports ALL Android mobile phones and Android tablets • Learn Vegetables for kids and toddlers is FREE Android Application • Friendly and colourful graphics interface for kids and toddlers Learn Vegetables for Kids And Toddlers Team - Wishes your kid enjoys and gets familiar with Vegetable names.