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Installing wamp server on windows platform


We are installing wamp server that includes php and mysql. Follow these steps

Step1 :

Download the wamp setup file from the following link –

A: Download one of the encircled items.

download wamp server

Step2 :

Once the file is downloaded successfully, click on the setup file and accept the agreement

accept the agreement

Step3 :

Select the wamp installation directory.

select install directory

Step4 :

Set wamp install configurations –

Set wamp install configurations

launch wamp startup

Step5 :

Click next ant wamp will start installing –

install wamp

Step6 :

Set email configuration –

Set email configuration

Set email configuration

Step7 :

Now select default browser as internet explorer.


Step8 :

Now wamp server installed (php and mysql installed)-
    Now start the wamp server and run one small php example.

start the wamp server from start


check wamp server is running or not








run server php file


Step8 :

it will show output of php file ... installation done


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