hide your private folder from everyone

Now you can hide your private folder from everyone in your smart phones like this

Your smart phone is the locker of your private data. These data you can’t share to anybody. it’s necessary that data should be kept secretly from everyone’s eyes. but there are many apps to hide them but they are always secured with password or pin protection. so today we are telling you how to hide your personal data files or folder in your smart phone without using any app.

1. First of all go to phone’s menu and open file manager

2. Where ever you want to hide your data either it is SD card or internal storage just make a folder over there.

3. Option for making folder will be available at right side at the top , it will be visible in form of three dots.

4. As you will click on the new folder there will an option to name that folder, at that time you have to use dot ‘.’ Before the name and ok it.

5. As the folder is made the file will be hidden.

6. Now go again to settings in file manager , there will be an option hide system files , deselect that, after doing that folder will be visible in file manager


7. Save your private data in this folder.

8. Now again it you want to hide this file, Just select hide system file in settings . Now whenever you will type your file name on search bar and search it, the file will not be visible to you.

9. Whenever you want to use that hidden files just deselect the hide file option in settings of file manager.

Note :-  There will be different process of making file folder in every file manager and the option for hiding files will also be different.

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