Findout android phone's deleted contact numbers

If your phone’s important number has been deleted , now there is no need to worry you can recover it easly

1. In your android cell phones if one off your important number is deleted by mistake , then there is no need to worry for that . And the worst part of losing the number is , without that contact you don’t have any other option to contact or reach that person. At this moment you think that by any how if you can recover your deleted contact . you thougt about that and we brought the solution for you .

2. Notes :-

A. Connect your android phone with your P.C.

B. Now install android recovery on that

C. After this connect your P.C. and Android phone with a USB cable and wait till computer recognize your device

D. THE important part of this process is that your phone should be charged at least 20%

E. now as interface says do like that and click on USB debug . this process is so easy if you will follow each and every step ( this method will different in every android phone’s operating system ).

1. Android lollypop 5.0 or for its updated version

setting – click on about phone and now tap 7 time’s on build number so that you get the signal of “you are now a developer” then go to settings to turn on the USB debugging , “ turn on the developers option”

For android 4.2 to 4.4.4 follow all the steps told in android lollypop

2. Select the mode of scanning and data options through which you want to process.

Suddenly you will see an interface. Whatever you want to recover in that just select that contacts and save them.

3. Now click for analyzing .

Click on start to analyze your android device . wait for some time and then you will saw a supper user request on your phone . just accept that . sometimes the box will appear more than one time , click on allow till it not happen , then click on start on your computer to start scanning.

4. Do preview or recovery of android’s deleted contacts .

Result will be shown as it is shown in the vedio. .you can highlight one of them. To see the details of your deleted contacts ( deleted data will be marked with red colour and existing data will be marked with black colour . whatever contacts you want again just select them and save them on your computer , after that click on recover.

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