Emoji comming with new updates of Android


Google's Hiroshi Lockheimer announced on Twitter that the new updates coming in the next week, the new Emoji Android. This update will come on the first Nexus devices.
The android operating system update will add updated keyboard and font.
New system will bring updated unicode 8.0 charaters on Android OS as apple's iOS 9.1. Lockheimer's tweet includes screen shots of unicorn, lion and crab Emoji. 
This suggests that the Unicode 8.0 charaters will apprear on platform. Currently, android devices are using Unicode 6.0 Emoji. It is notable that
when iOS 9.1 has launched Unicode 8.0 in month of last October, Lockheimer signaled that something will come out soon like this on Android.
With this he has confirmed that the Nexus devices are the first to receive this system updates. As far as Android devices is concerned, he said OEMs will determine
their update schedule. 
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