App Description

Automatic Message Scheduler Communication

autoMessage means Automatic Message and is a mobile application that allows you to schedule your SMS and Emails, so that you’ll not forget to send them later on! It has the absolute functionality for automatic SMS and Emails with a flexible scheduling system in Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks and Years. Next to this you can create Groups/Lists and send your SMS and Emails to multiple Recipients! Due to the friendly User Interface it is very easy to use from the start! autoMessage does not charge from you extra costs for sending SMS and Emails or put you any limitations, it simply works over your network provider!



FEATURES: User friendly Interface , Automatic SMS and Emails , Save your SMS and Emails as Draft , No message length restrictions , Custom Frequency / Repeat Functionality: Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks and Years , Calendar and List View for all scheduled SMS & Emails , History of sent SMS & Emails , Create Groups and Lists / Multiple Recipients / Individual Recipients , Search Functionality for Messages, Contacts and Groups , Import Contacts from your Phonebook list or your Gmail contacts. == F.A.Q. on