App Description

Amazing Rescue Game Games

Amazing Rescue is the new name of amazement in IEMLabs who have launched this new game in the global gaming market on the 13th of November.



The story of Amazing Rescue is really amazingly exciting. It is a story of hijacking. After a day break, the children are returning home in a school bus. They are excited as they will see their parents after their long school day. Suddenly the bus comes to a halt with a shudder. An evil looking terrorist with Monster-like features rides the bus. Armed with a terrifying gun the hijacker says, ‘All the boys follow me. Or I’ll shoot you all.’ With the spine-chilling fear in heart the youngsters follow the man into an unknown house and all of them get caged in several rooms. In the mean time, a teen-ager comes with a laser gun and shouts at the demon, ‘I’ll kill you if you don’t leave them immediately’. But alas, the hijacker did not listen to him. May be he was destined to his death at that day. The Teen-ager goes into each room and shoots the kidnapper and rescues all the children.