App Description

Air Force Fury Games

Command your Air Force and unleash fury over the skies. Build your modern Air Force base, perfect your arsenal of fighter jets, bombers, gunships, mechs and more, and dominate the skies through the hundreds of campaign missions and the real-time world map. Become the ultimate Commander in this action-strategy war fighter in the skies.



Commander,the rise of a new air force base will need your strategic planning on key function buildings and wise selections of resources allocation. Commander base is the most important function building that we should always upgrade it whenever possible. The level of commander base will have direct impact on all aspects of the game such as what levels of plane we can build,what type of technology we can put into research, how many resource fields we can develop etc. In the place factory, we can produce new war flights units, the level of the factory will decide what planes can we purchase. When we have our planes ready, it's also important to keep our technology research up to date, we need to prioritize those technologies which can benefit us in most effective way. Storage and inventories are also important, they can protect our resources from being plundered by other players when they invade us. Without resources, any plans will be plain texts. Commander, we need to allocate our resource fields very well in term of which production facility should we put on where. There are only limited spaces in the fields where we can build these facilities, and we have 5 different kinds of production facilities we can build, so we need to be extra careful when we are planning. Once these plants are built, we need to now upgrade them, higher the level, higher the productivity. In Air Force Fury, troop formation is the most important preparation before we act any military behaviors.Military units have different strength and weakness which could lead to totally opposite result facing different opponent units formations.And since the total size of the troop is limited, what type of military units we put into the formation before each fight become the key to victory. For example, helicopters are strong confronting rocketeers but weak facing fighter jets and large aircrafts. If the enemy troop is formed with majorly rocketeers, we should put more helicopters instead of others into our troop formation to be most effective.